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Paul Benjamin
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Currently this is not done but it would be AMAZING if this could be done, let me explain:

We are an insurance broking business, two email situations apply:

1. We send & receive emails to/from individuals in organisations asking for information, getting information, answering questions, send them quotes, sending them documents – all tracked and filed by Pipedrive – this will be about 30%-40% of total emails for this organisation


2. We also email insurance companies and service providers, and in return they email us, all related to the ORGANISATION not the individual = this will be about 60%-70% of total emails for the ORGANISATION - this is NOT captured by Pipedrive

We would love to be able capture this 60%-70% of email traffic in Pipedrive, can anybody help?




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    Hi @Paul Benjamin 

    I'd recommend to create a contact person with the name of the organization on email address info@... for example which you can then link to the organization as well. This will make sure everything syncs properly.

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