Sync existing Outlook calendar events with new Pipeline activites?

Erhan Ercan
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In order to avoid duplication and to streamline work, is there a way to pick an existing calendar event ( a meeting invite for example) as a Pipedrive scheduled activity?




  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Erhan Ercan 

    So do you mean to go in your external calendar and then push one specific activity to Pipedrive? Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment :( 

  • Thomas Møller Jensen
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    Sort of the same problem here. Posted this, requesting only to synchronise calendar items with a specific category (Outlook/Office365).

    If implemented, you could just categorise an existing event in your calendar as "Sync to Pipedrive" and it would get created in Pipedrive and connected to existing contact/deal/organisation based on the email address of meeting participants outside your organisation.

    So please upvote and second with a comment :-)



  • Erhan Ercan
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    Fully agreed, Pipedrive seems to doa  poor job in 'smart' syncing with Outlook and it seems to be just a firehose style of syncing, which is better than nothing and has some use but could be much better utilized if there were some smarts.