Any way to report / monitor revenue from variations of products?

Hauke Jacobsen
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Hi there, we are currently trying to figure out how to monitor revenue from product variations. Example: we've got the product "digital integrations", which as variations has facebook post, linked in post, twitter, and more. In order to keep the product range fairly "small", we would like to work with products more as categories and use variantes as the specific product. So for now we can only export all deals involving certain products, but that won't narrow it down to the specific variation of products? Any work around (except for adding all single variations as stand alone products)? THX a lot 


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    Hi @Hauke Jacobsen , I'm so sorry for the belated reply to your question! The notification must have slipped through the cracks somehow.

    Please see the answer to the same question by another member in this post :)