How to set up Independent Sales Reps or other Channel partners in pipedrive, for collaborative input

David Spear
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I am trying to see how we can set up independent sales reps and channel partners, so they can add their own deals into our pipedrive, without having access to our entire contact database, and feel comfortable that I would not have access into their own email system, beyond emails associated with the deals.  

How can I set this up with the right security and access?


Thanks, Dave



  • Hi David,

    Were you able to accomplish this? Please share if so!

  • @IntegralSales you should be able to accomplish this through the combination of Permission Sets and Visibility Groups. Essentially, you control what the independent sales reps and channel partners can do in Pipedrive through their Permission Sets and then the Visibility Groups allows you to control what info they can see (e.g. only deals they own / only people they own).

    If you need any additional support, feel free to get in touch.