Automation when a task is marked "done" when it is first created

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Hi all,

I am running into a few problems trying to implement automation for some aspects of our sales process and would appreciate some advice. When our sales reps first reach out to a prospect, they create an activity for the Initial Call and mark it as "done" for activity tracking purposes. I am trying to create an automation routine that will automatically send an email from a template and create a follow-up activity. The automation routine works fine if the Initial Call activity is created and closed, reopened, then marked as "done", but it doesn't do anything if the Initial Call activity is marked as "done" when it is first created.  I have tried numerous trigger settings with no success. I would love to get rid of that unnecessary step of closing and reopening the activity just to trigger the automation. Any thoughts?

Also, I've seen it requested in a few other forum posts, but it would be great if we could turn off the feature that automatically opens a new activity when one is closed. It is a great default feature, but it is a step backward for users trying to take full advantage of what automation can offer.




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    I have the same task. Any ideas on how to start the next activity automatically once the previous one is marked as done?

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