Email sync killing our business for over a year now!

Tim McWilliam
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My team is literally having to contact pipedrive support because of emails not syncing, emails going missing, emails not sending, not receiving DAILY. We're losing business and all PIPEDRIVE can do is try to blame my team saying it's our mail server (It's 100% not, as email is behaving perfectly on our mail server, or that our team is deleting the missing emails, WHY would we delete our own sales emails!!!)

Has anyone had any success with email sync? or experienced similar issues. We're at the point where we have no other choice than to give up on PD and move to another CRM.


  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hello @Kegs on Legs, thank you for reaching. This is Clarissa from Pipedrive Support Department Team.

    I've identify the conversation you have with us and I've replied there. As it is a technical issue, we do need to continue through the official channel as it is the best way to troubleshoot and investigate any problem. I guarantee we're focused on doing so, as it is our main goal.