How to recycle champions and close deals easily in B2B

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Hi pipedrivers!

Over the last few weeks, I have been testing a quite innovative leadgen tool called Champlist ( I am in the private beta program and I promised the founders that I will share my experience with the community if I close some deals with its help.

To my surprise, thanks to Champlist I made three enterprise-level deals in a quarter, thus I have to hold my end of the deal by sharing my experience. 

The idea is simple:

  • Every company gathers all kinds of contacts – starting from initial prospects and leads to existing clients and sales champions – the clients who not only love your product but are willing to buy it again in case they change jobs.
  • Champlist gives you the power to keep up with these champions, their careers and notifies you whenever they switch companies or get promoted.
  • This helped us make those three deals by selling the same product to the same people just in a different company.
  • The notification that our champions left the companies also helped us to start looking for new points of contact early and prevent possible churn.

I know this sounds like I'm selling it to you, but honestly, this tool solved two problems at once for us and generally worked better than other solutions we've tried so far (mainly Clearbit, Uplead). With other tools, we had to find workarounds to achieve this workflow, and still, the accuracy just wasn’t there.

That being said, I would like to share an invitation code that will help you skip the line if you are interested in accessing this tool early. Code: RECYCLECHAMPIONS

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.