Outfunnel is the top-rated App in the PD Marketplace. How do they do it?

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Check out how Outfunnel is able to manage marketing automation and more.

Tag co-founders @Andrus Purde & @Markus Leming with any questions you may have.


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    This is easy.

    First we understood the problem we wanted to solve well. I did more than 100 interviews before I even started approaching developers to build something. 

    Then we solved the smalles problem we could solve (connecting Pipedrive and Mailchimp) and solved that better than anyone else. After that we kept going down the list of problems we could and wanted to solve. As of writing this we've built a lean marketing automation suite (email marketing, website visitor tracking, lead scoring, insights, to be contunued) - all tightly integrated with Pipedrive.

    Third, ask customers to leave you a rating every now and then.

    Fourth, listen to recommendations from Pipedrive marketplace team. We've been quick to respond to API changes, adding new features like app panels, participate in marketing collaboration. 

    Bonus tip: find the right people to team up with. It's easier to be top rated if not only your product works well but customer support is great too.