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Deo de Jesus
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We have address as a custom field for our deals as it is important to us where our deals are being negotiated and won. I would like to be able to get an insight report on deals won by location (eg. state, city or town).  Is it possible to do this using the custom address field? I would rather do that then have to create a separate field that has categories of address (e.g. the state, city or location). Is it possible for me to use the address field and, if not, is it on the roadmap for development.


  • Mohamed AMER
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    I have the same issue. I wonder if anybody has reverted to you with a solution?

  • Diana
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    Hello Mohamed and Deo!
    ​This is Diana from Pipedrive Support Management Team - nice to meet you :)

    At this stage, my advice would be to use another field to filter out that information for insights. Only Professional plan users will be able to create reports based on custom fields. The possible custom field types are user, person, organization, date, multiple options, single option, monetary (including weighted value), and numeric.