Billomat Integration

Florian Klaes
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Hello from germany,
I have the idea of creating a quotation tool to automate and streamline the offer-process.
Therefore, I need your expertise.

My billing tool of choice is billomat, that's where all my services and items are "stored".

I would like to create a Link between my website, billomat and Pipedrive - the question is which software should feed into which one - the right order needs to be defined.
On my website you would answer a bunch of questions and also type in your contact data etc. - based on that the result should be: "client-data-account" gets created by the user itself + you get 3 different quotes to choose from and also become a member of our newsletter for further updates.

Since all prices and products are managed in billomat, my process idea was:
Website pulls item info and prices from billomat.
Then Website + user feeds data into billomat for creating the quotes, the quotes get fed into Pipedrive to monitor newsletter and further deal process (success).

But it also might be possible to have everything stored in Pipedrive or rather have Pipedrive sync products and contacts with billomat back and forth + the website pulls the item info  + prices from Pipedrive and also get the user info/choices fed back to create a quote in the CRM and have that in the end transferred to billomat somehow....

I am confused... hope you get the idea and can tell me which way Pipedrive would integrate the best. 

Total day one Pipedrive user.