List of SALES AUTOMATION workflows to share in CRM Pipedrive 2020

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I have more than 20 different type of AUTOMATION workflows done for different clients so far in Pipedrive.

Would somebody like to share their AUTOMATION? I can provide full access to the details on how was done each of one, If you are able to share yours.

NOTE: Sorry the English, this was done originally in Spanish and translated with Google Doc without further review.

This is the LIST of what is done so far:

Opportunity validation

  • Use of "Leads" functionality when it is not necessary to create a deal, in order to find out before creating it as a deal and keep it out of the sales funnel with effective and valid deals
  • Every time a user changes the owner of a business , notify the new user

Create deals

  • Every time a deal is created, create a "Call" type activity to contact the prospect.
  • That Pipedrive can automatically record the closing date for deals in a particular funnel
  • Every time a deal moves to "Discovered Needs", create a "Proposal Preparation" type activity to prepare and send the quote to the prospect.
  • Each time an activity of a certain type in the funnel is marked as completed, a new sales activity of certain type
  • Every time a deal is created, a certain product is added to the deal based on certain pre-filled attributes

Creation and submission of proposals and quotes

  • Every time a deal is moved to "Proposal sent", create a next activity of type "Call" to follow up on the respective x days

Follow up on proposals and quotes

  • Every time a Monday is reached, that Pipedrive can issue a report by mail called "Weekly Schedule" and when completed, send a report with all the activities of the week to both the manager and the user.
  • Every time a Monday is reached, Pipedrive will send an email with all the deals that have no next activity so that the user can assign the next task to it
  • Every time a business stalls (if the function is active) Pipedrive will send an email notification to the user to take immediate action and update the deal to move it or create a next action

Follow-up to close

  • Activation of "Important Fields" suggested to remember what data must be entered into the CRM depending on the funnel and stage in which it is being
  • Activated "Important Fields" required to remember which data must be entered into the CRM depending on the funnel and stage in which it is being
  • Creation of a scoring system for deals according to attributes to create a "ranking" of businesses that are more likely to close in a given period
  • In the case of Long Term funnels, a unique notification will arrive to the user each time it is scheduled that day, instead of reviewing and changing in view of that funnel ( so only the user works in a single funnel)

Closing the deal

  • Create notification to manager and / or salesperson every time a business is won
  • If there is an attribute "Is it a customer?" changes to "Yes" if the business is won
  • Change organization and person status when a business is won, if it has an attribute related to status
  • Every time a business is lost, an email is sent to the Manager with the reason and comment of the reason why it was lost

Maintenance of clients and portfolios

  • ClientMaster

Sales Panel (Insight)

  • Create a visualization of particular metrics for the business of the company in "Insight"

Cleaning and order of data

  • That Pipedrive can alert the user when the closing date is reached, so that it can update it or proactively lose business
  • Pipedrive can inform the user weekly of all deals that eventually do not have a defined closing date
  • Pipedrive can move deals that passed the closing date to a Long Term Funnel


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    @Boris Tsibelman perhaps you can join in here and know of others who can share?

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    @Rodrigo Rojas thank you for sharing this. I'm impressed with all your automation you have created. I'd like to ask your help how did you make this automation;

    • Every time a business is lost, an email is sent to the Manager with the reason and comment of the reason why it was lost

    I did the same but I am unable to show or include the lost reason and comment in the email. I'll appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.