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Hi Everyone! I had fun this morning on the webinar. These times are not easy for anyone and while we are having a lot of success with sales lately at 360 Payments and with our Text-to-Pay product (because everyone is looking for ways to take payments while social distancing), I really attribute most of the sales success to the following 3 pieces of advice that I would have for you as well:

  1. Focus on what you can control. You can't control what the government is doing, if someone is going out of business, or what the news says. You can control your output, your attitude, and your efforts.  A line we like to say at 360 is, "your future self will thank your today self." Keep pushing forward, brand yourself, and be a resource to your prospects even if it's just being a lending ear and your positive efforts will come back and reward you one of these days.
  2. Be scrappy and creative. Pivot, redeploy your efforts, leverage partnerships (ie can you share lists and market to them for each other), sell an additional product into your base, ask your manager if you can work on training materials for future hires, learn something new, and ask yourself how you can provide value to your company.
  3. Work on your "list." Everyone has so many things they have put off whether it's touching base with past clients, cleaning up your Pipedrive, working on marketing campaigns, making a long proposal, or researching a new product.This thing is going to end and when it does, are you ready to come back stronger and with a true fresh start with no cloud hanging over you of the things you need to do that you haven't had time to?

I wish everyone the best of luck selling during these days and if I can help you with any ideas, please let me know!



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    Thanks for sharing @Lisa Coyle. I added some more topics to your post to make sure it has the biggest visibility and reaches those people interested ;) 

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