Bulk add activities from deals filtered in list view.

Adam Janaway
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Hi ! 

To bulk add activities to deals I currently have to export an excel and then re-import. The alternative would be creating an automation with a data field. Both of these seem like work arounds and can be time consuming.

 It would be great if when filtering deals using the list view, I could add an activity similar to how the bulk edit/mailing feature already works. 

e.g. I filter a group of deals, select the ones I wish to 'Edit' and have an option for 'Add activity'. 

 Use case examples: 

1. A new product becomes available, and I want to create an activity to contact all of the customers this would be relevant for. I can then have my sales team use an activity filter and track how many of these calls are complete, and by who. 

2. A group of customers in a particular pipe stage all need to provide new information about their booking with us. I want to bulk add an activity for them all so I can track who and when provides this. 

Thanks for consideration! 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Great suggestion @Adam Janaway I'm going to loop our team in so they see your comment.

  • Courtney Nicosia
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    Any progress on this awesome suggestion? I like my reps to have a list of cold calls they are going to make each day. If the activities were all set up in that list, it would be fantastic!


  • Paul_76922
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    Hello, is there any progress on this suggestion?


  • Earl Childs
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    hello Pipedrive, love what you have created here, Pipedrive is awesome.  Can you help with this?...someone 2 months ago asked if there is any progress on this recommendation that was made 2 years ago.  see previous threads.

    I just had the same question myself after wanting to plan prospecting activities to bulk cold leads.  I've only been using Pipedrive for about 2 months and the idea of having to make 156 singular activities that are all identical greatly reduces the value of Pipedrive 

  • Earl Childs
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    Great suggestion @Adam Janaway I'm going to loop our team in so they see your comment.

    Hello Mike, I hope you are having a great day.  sir, any progress on bulk activity adding for contacts and organizations?

    thank you for your time and consideration.



  • Eric Schmid
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    As the previous comment says, "greatly reduces the value of Pipedrive". It's actually the reason that I left Pipedrive about 8 months ago....because I cannot manually change 200+ activities in each contact....that's crazy. The only reason that I am here now is to see if this was fixed...hard to believe it's not. Seems so basic. Bummer

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    Hi @Eric Schmid, @Earl Childs, @Paul_76922, @Courtney Nicosia, @Adam Janaway,

    Here's a quick method to do this using Pipedrive's existing capabilities:

    1. Create a custom field (Single Option).
    2. Set up an automation to create an activity when this custom field is updated to a specific value.
    3. Bulk edit all deals to update the custom field to this specific value.

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


    Amit Sarda

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