Stage or Activities?

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I'm working on the solution for the client and I was left with a question.

He is a trading and in his process that is controlled by an excel spreadsheet he has 40 control points, many of them after closing the deal, but to control payments and dates of loading and unloading goods.

I wonder if I should consider these points as funnel steps or as activities? Being activities, is there any way to put all of them as points as a template that each operation will be filled and allows full control? Not all points occur sequentially.


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    @Armando Bruck I guess it depends on the content of the control points. There's a couple of ways you could approach it. 
    You could look to refine the control points into separate pipelines once the deal is closed. Eg. One for payments, one for deliveries etc.
    If you use Trello you could create a checklist template and use the Pipedrive integration to add the checklist.
    It's a bit difficult when we don't know the actual content of the control points but hopefully this will give you some ideas to start with.