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Hi there! I'm on the 30day trial, looking forward to use actively email marketing in our company.

For the firs list I created via Pipedrie, I made a survey for our customers to know the NPS (net promoter score)

Unfortunatelly, I found very few formats of questions to include, and there wasn't an option "opinion scale" like this one.

Also, it would be great to have the Spanish language included.



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    @Gints Branks @Janis Geranins can one of you help here please 🙏🏻

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    Thank you for your question! Regarding the NPS format- correct, unfortunately we don't have such a question/answer type. Have you tried using the "Rate answer" question type?  I think that could do the trick to find out a customer's NPS. 

    Here's the article on all the question types-

    Often in email marketing the NPS rating example you've mentioned is created with a clever work-around. Inside the email, the numbers [1]...[10] are separate images, that lead to a different survey. E.g., if a subscriber clicks 1-5 images, the link brings to a "What went wrong?" survey,  6-7 "What could we improve?" survey and 8-10 to a "Write feedback here".

    As for Spanish language- thank you for letting us now, it's in our roadmap to localise and make Mailigen available in Spanish as well. 

    Hope it helps!