HELP - Is there a way to link multiple properties (a clients real estate portfolio) to a contact or


  • Daniel Steyn_20524
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    I have exactly the same need, but for a slightly different situation. 

  • Pat Jankowski
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    Each property I have is a "deal" in PipeDrive. The Deal Title is the property address, and the client and/or their organization is linked to those deals.

    I have also tried where the "product" is the property in case your pipeline is set up differently. I hope that helps!

  • Alex Stueber
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    I like the way @Pat Jankowski tackle the problem.


    Adding to all that, for a different scenario in case the owner/client has a building with many apartments for sale you could, for example, create a mother ORGANIZATION (Let's say in this case the whole building would be the organization) then each apartment would be a separate ORGANIZATION that you would link to this mother Org.


    Once you have a deal for a particular apartment you would also know that this is linked to the main building that has many other apartments for sale from the same owner.