Sending delayed emails - creating short email sequences

Pavel Fyodorov
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I am looking for an automation option to send email sequences. I want several delayed email messages to be sent at a particular time in future, for example, several follow-ups to be made after a week, two weeks, month. 

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  • Dan Strutt_17241
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    Hi Pavel,

    I'd recommend using a dedicated email program like Mailshake to setup the email sequences and then pull these into PD when a prospect replies.

  • Pavel Fyodorov
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    Hi Dan, thanks for the reply and giving a possible solution. But I don't want to set up prospecting automation, the feature I'm looking for is more like delay sending in outlook: 

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    This does not currently exist in Pipedrive directly.


    Alternatively, you can use an external third party tool and integrate it with Pipedrive. 

  • Jackson Quarles
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    this is something we are interested in as well. We have some collateral we want to send to new accounts, think of them as onboarding documents. The only time we can "send" it seems is when we "win" the account. Would like to be able to send an email based off of "order date" or another custom item. 

  • Tim Jones_23598
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    Hey Team!

    Any updates on this feature. I too am keen to send a sequence of emails in a drip feed to potential clients that have downloaded an e-book from my website.

    Let me know!