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I'm just inquiring if anyone in Australia is using SMS from withing Pipedrive and if so, what provider they are using.  Thank you.


  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    We use PD to create and work our sales order processing from our e-commerce store.  

    There are numerous points in our sales processing where we simultaneously email (using PD automation + PD mail template) to customers along with and SMS.  .. advising cust's of where orders are and how they are tracking. 

    If you haven't checked it out so far then you need to check out Zapier.  (  It's the string and glue that will tie desperate SAAS services together.  In our case we have deals entering a specific Pipeline stage working as triggers which in turn via zapier reach out to our chosen SMS provider "''  (who, like PD also support zapier as the glue to pass data back and forth. 

    No programming skills required ... but zapier is a must as, although the PD marketplace is ok.  ... you need something that will work with the products you either want to use, or are already using.   .. just my 2c



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    Hi Brad,

    A bit late to the party, but I can also recommend Clicksend - . I've used them on several software / integration projects and the experience is pretty seamless.  

    Very much agree re., Nancy. It's very powerful and easy to work with as you say.