Combining Partner/Partner Contact For Address Labels

Jamie Klein
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I'm a realtor and need to mail letters regularly. I usually am working with couples. I have them setup as separate contacts, linked together with a custom person field "Partner/Spouse."  Example, couple John and Jane. John has Jane's contact linked on his page, Jane has John's contact linked on her page.

I need a way for these contacts to be combined when exported (in addition to the non partner clients).

One complication could be I often have an address only in one of the two contacts.  Another is couples don't always share a last name.

One solution I thought could be to make all couples an organization and have the members be their contacts. I'm new to pipedrive, couldn't find this questions asked before. 


  • Jamie Klein
    Jamie Klein Posts: 4
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    Not sure if we're allowed to bump posts here.  Please let me know if I need to clarify my use or anything.

  • Victoria W Goins
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    I am new to Pipedrive and am also a realtor. This could be a deal-breaker for me in choosing a different system. I'm only on day 2 of a trial use, and I've already hit this same snag that you mention, Jamie, when trying to do a mailing and handling spouses/partners. Hope we get an answer soon!

  • Jamie Klein
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    This is still an issue I'm looking for help with. Any suggestions or if a zap would work or an automation?