How to Handle MASSIVE OUTREACH in a Pipeline

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Hey guys!

Got a BIG and GREAT problem to resolve ahah

I use an app called CallTools that basically helps me to do hundreds of phone calls really quickly.

I have 2 problems with that and my follow up process:


I've got a HUGE Follow up Sequence, what is the best way to handle all those poeople in it?


Using a 3rd party app to do call and texting, I wonder how can I track  all of it in Pipedrive?







  • David Karn
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    Simplii VoIP has a great power dialer function that pulls any list of deal or contact list that need to call through. Each call gives you the opportunity to take notes, set dispositions, text them etc. All calls and texts are logged under each person contact page with its associated call recording.

  • Alex Stueber
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    what about Autopilot & Integromat? 
    @David Karn Do you know if any of those two would integrate with Simplii too?

    Could try using them with Twilio otherwise.


  • Shobhit Gaur
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    @Gabriel if you have HUGE followup sequences that you do not want to worry about, you need to use a 3rd party tool that syncs all the information about your calls and messages back to your Pipedrive automatically. This way you know what stage of the sequence your individual contacts are from within Pipedrive (This is available from a feature called App panels). At a glance, you will know whether you received a reply from them or not, as well.

    The app I want to recommend is Outplay, where you can make sequences that involve calling, messages, and more. It's currently the 4rth top-rated app in the Pipedrive marketplace because it makes life easier for users that have similar problems as you. Plus, the customer support is off the chart in being responsive!

    You can try the app for free here -