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Jeremy Gulley_11062
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Hello All,

Wanted to get some feedback on how everyone is using Microsoft Teams currently? I love the integration and see how to manually add a meeting through and activity but, I'd like to have a meeting link with scheduler. Is there a way to do this either native or zapier? I have a client that isn't moving away from teams and this might push them back to Calendly unless I'm missing something. 

Thanks in advance!


  • Vincent Jyrwa
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    @Jeremy Gulley Hey Jeremy! Glad that you are finding the Teams integration useful. I'll pass that over to the team! 😊

    I can chime in regarding the integration with Scheduler. Unfortunately at the moment, there is no good workaround with Zapier. However, given the use case and the feedback from other users like yourself, we do plan to build a native integration for video conferencing in Scheduler (Zoom and Microsoft teams) sometime next year. I cannot give you an ETA but it's in our plans.