Outlook to Pipedrive Calendar Zap?

Paul Downes
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Hello all, 

I would like to create a Zap when a meeting is scheduled in an Outlook account not associated with Pipedrive to zap over an create an activity in the Pipedrive Calendar. 

I have tried a number of times but it's not working. 

Would someone have this Zap created already that they can share with me or another solution for Calendar conflicts in the Pipedrive scheduler?

Thank you!


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Paul Downes do you have any idea where it's going wrong right now? Have you asked help from Zapier support? They can often see what's going wrong.

    @Boris Tsibelman have you set this up in the past?

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    I have a similar setup with Google Calendar <> Salesforce.

    My guess it might be outlook.

    Try reconnecting outlook again and build the zap again. 

  • Paul Downes
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    I've recently revisited this topic as my second Calendar not connected to PD is now gettign busier and the amount of conflicts is getting ridiculous. 

    Has anyone out there have the same issue or created a Zap in the meantime that will actually create an event at the correct time in the PD Calendar?