Chatbot generated lead from what page?

Wolfgang Maier
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Dear community

Our chatbot works great. One specific Playbook is implemented on several pages of the site. We'd like to learn on which page a lead did convert. Is there any way to measure this? 

Alternatively I have to generate 20 identical playbooks, but with the respective title of each page where it got implemented. Ugly hack. 

Thank you in advance for your ideas!




  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Wolfgang Maier 

    We currently unfortunately don’t track the location of each playbook. The workaround like you said, is to create playbook per page and track the stats on playbook list page for better insights. 

    It will possibly come in the future as there have been more requests about better reports and insights from LeadBooster features. I can't make any promises now but our team is aware of it.

  • Daniel_29404
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    +1 from me. Webforms, chatbot, and livechat all need to pass the URL they were triggered from in the notes.