What has been the key to your success in the transition to remote working? 🏠 💻

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The selling landscape has changed radically over the course of 2020 and remote working has become the norm for salespeople the world over.

Working from home has presented sales professionals with challenges on an individual level and to the wider areas of business.

As Liston Witherill says: 

“As we’re wrapping up the year, it’s a great time to reflect on three things: what worked this year, what didn't work, and how you can adapt to changing conditions."

Some organizations have put an emphasis on flexibility and creativity, adapting their systems and processes to meet their customer and staff’s needs.

Others businesses have focused on retraining staff and implementing new ways to automate their workflows.

How has your organization managed the transition to remote working?

Do you have new structures in place to make sure your teams’ camaraderie remains high? Or have to developed new ways of reaching out to clients and leads over the web to retain a personal touch while remaining distanced?

And is there anything you would change to improve the transition to remote working and ensure that your sales stay on track?


❓How has your business ensured sales stay on course during the transition to remote working?


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