Zapier action "Find Person" doesn't offer option to show value for custom select field

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I'm building a Zapier automation: whenever a new deal is created in specific stage, I need to send an email that includes information of the contact connected to the deal. This works great for name, email, phone etc. except for a single option select field called "Anrede" (German for salutation). In Pipedrive the two available options are "Herr" and "Frau". 


But in Zapier when looking at field "Anrede" I only see numbers, e.g. "86". There is no option to get the correct label (in case of "86" should be "Herr").


Usually with custom fields in deals and using select fields I would get an option "Field Name" with numeric values (probably IDs of the options) but also "(Values) Field Name" as second option where the labels like "Herr" and "Frau" are shown. E.g. in the following custom field for a deal I get both options:



I'm starting to think this might be a bug in the Zapier configuration because usually the (Values) option is offered for single option select fields. I really need the value of this "Anrede" field. Can anybody help?




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    Getting ids instead of values is common in case of Organization and contacts. Only deals show custom values.

    I would recommend using a lookup table in zapier to map id with values