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I'm new to Pipedrive. I'm looking to have New Deals generated from Squarespace dumped into Pipedrive and then have those new deals generate to a list in Mailchimp. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Use Zapier to push those deals from Squarespace to Pipedrive, and in turn to Mailchimp.

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    Hi @Deb Beroset , welcome to Pipedrive and the Community!

    Like Amit suggested above, I suggest you take a look at the integration platforms available in our marketplace (be it Zapier or another one of your preference), as they allow you to transfer data outside the scope of our own native features. 

    If you're doing email marketing and/or campaigns I suggest taking a look at our sister product, Mailigen. Mailigen is a powerful email marketing and automation solution that allows you to create email sequences, drip campaigns, email marketing, SMS campaigns, among others. 

    With a native integration that syncs your contacts from Pipedrive, this is a powerful set of tools that bring Sales and Marketing teams together. 

    I can also tell you that in the coming months there might be interesting new features coming up in our Workflow Automations, so stay tuned. 😉

    Sign up for a free trial here and learn more about it in the Support Knowledge Base.



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    @Deb Beroset 

    We built Target Robot - Sync with Sales to sync contacts, companies, deals, and marketing campaigns between SalesCRMs and Mailchimp.  You can find it here in the Pipedrive marketplace.

    We might need to know more about what you specifically are trying to accomplish to be certain it is possible.

    Please let us know if you would like a demo or to just chat about it.



    Target Robot

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    Hi Deb, many 3rd party connectors (including Outfunnel where I work) let you sync contacts from Pipedrive to Mailchimp - see the list

    The easiest way to get contacts from Squarespace to Pipedrive is Zapier. And heads up: we at Outfunnel are looking to add support for Squarespace forms soon (so you could use Outfunnel for connecting all your sales and marketing apps).