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We understand the integration between Pipedrive and Xero, we've read your documentation and materials in your website too, (Some of the links we looked at : https://www.pipedrive.com/en/blog/pipedrive-xero-integration AND https://www.pipedrive.com/en/features/xero-crm-integration). So we understand if we create an invoice from Pipedrive we can track the status of the invoice from Xero in Pipedrive. (Draft, Awaiting for Approval, Awaiting for Payment, Paid, Voided & Deleted). However the question is how can we still get these updates without creating invoice within Pipedrive. Would you direct us on Zapier? Is there any other way within Pipedrive if we let Xero and Pipedrive talk to each other in our set up. Eventually we need to have payment status and payment date updated upon each payment, in Pipedrive.


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    You will likely have better luck with Zapier than the pipedrive direct integration to achieve what you are looking for. 

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    Sadly this isn't possible. I've tried every option I could think of. In Zapier, you can automate the whole process, except: 

    • tracking the invoice
    • reattaching the paid invoice to the Pipedrive account

    The downside to Zapier integration is the formatting of the invoice email has to be done via HTML code. AND getting Zapier to take the change in Xero, parse out the needed deal information to update the deal is incredibly difficult. With a new Xero app supposed to land any day, I would hold off on doing too much with Xero until that happens for fear it will break the Zap.

    If you use the built in integration, you still have to go into Xero to send the invoice. And even then it is not fluid.

    This integration could be so much better. Really disappointing. Hope this helps you save some time.