Allow additional email recipients from custom fields in workflow automation

Tim Milazzo
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I couldn't find this anywhere after a search.

Currently, email alerts within workflow automations allow the following recipients to an email, or you can hard-code a specific email address:


What Pipedrive doesn't allow you to do is send an email to another user involved in the deal, even though their custom fields allow references to users on the deal level.

In our setup, we can mark "deal assistant"s who help the Deal Owner, and I would like to include them in the email alerts we trigger.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Tim Milazzo great suggestion! I'll pass it on to our team :) 

  • Info Montreal Casting
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    Need this feature too!  it is now available? Available soon? 

    I try with second email on contact, with added participant in deal or task or with Organisation related, no one look like available to add as CC in email workflow.  Any other way to do it?