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Sean Winton
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I am trying to integrate G Suite for Business to my Pipedrive... It is not offered on Pipedrive but I do see that there are some third party services that charge a monthly subscription fee... the last thing I want to do is pay another fee.  Any insight or suggestions to finding a solution to this issue?  

Thanks in advance! 



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    Hi @Sean Winton 

    I'm using G Suite, what exactly are you meaning?

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    @Sean Winton 

    Hey, hey!

    Vladimir from Pipedrive management team is here to help :) 

    Since Gsuite is a multi-product and has different features - I am not entirely sure which of them you would like to sync with Pipedrive.

    If it is indeed in regards to email sync - you can start it from Settings > Email sync

    But, if there is any issue or other feature you would like to sync with Pipedrive - please reach out to or using in-app chat


    Have a great day meanwhile,

    Kind regards,


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    Thank you guys, I will follow up on the support line. 

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