Organizations Current Time based on Timezone to Show in Deal Header

Jill Mason
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I wish that you could set the time zone of the organization or deal and it would show that deal's current time in the header when you opened that deal. That would save me so much time and brain power.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jill Mason 

    Great suggestion, passing it on to the team!

  • Jill Mason
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    Hi @Jill Mason 

    Great suggestion, passing it on to the team!

    As a bonus you could try to figure out the country and time zone based on the phone number entered.  


    This would save SOOOOOO much time in looking up countries, figureing out timezone then figuring out what time it is in the customers location


  • Jay Rou
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    @Jill Mason I was having trouble managing clients across time zones myself (a lot of the back and forth you described) so I built this extension that helps with that (deducting it from phone number). or

    Hopefully it is helpful to you

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