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Robert Dylina
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Good evening everyone! I am so surprised that you still can't press ctrl-enter to save whatever screen you're on. Whether it's a new deal or an activity. You have to take your hands off the keyboard and go get the mouse, position it, and click. Every other software I use online accepts a ctrl-click and it saves me tons of time over the span of a week not having to take my hands off the keys over a thousand times. Pipedrive is the only hold out that doesn't have this. Anyone else feel the same?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Robert Dylina we have a team specifically looking at our UI/UX in Pipedrive and I'll pass this suggestion on to them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel Axelbaum
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    Yes more keyboard shortcuts would be extremely helpful.  Thank you.

  • Matt Lovett
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    This would be really useful.

  • ivov
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    Agreed, more keyboard shortcuts would be very useful. Have been using Superhuman for email for a while now. Going to Pipedrive almost feel like going back 10yrs in time..

  • Vladimir
    Vladimir Member Posts: 11
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    Hello, please - this is a common thing - save a field with Enter or Ctrl + Enter!

    2 years and no progress? This could make my work with PD so much faster...

  • rwalt
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    Hi - I think this is the thing that will make us leave Pipedrive. The interface is so slow to navigate without keyboard shortcuts. It's also highly inaccessible. No wonder my sales reps don't want to use PD email and use gmail instead.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, there are no changes planned in 2023 regarding keyboard shortcuts. The product team has noted your feedback and will continue the research and discussion on what kind of improvements can be made in this area throughout 2024.

  • Vladimir
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    Hello Manuel,

    Thank you for the update on the plans to improve the keyboard shortcuts and user interface in Pipedrive. I understand that each team has their own priorities and processes, but I would like to highlight how adding these features could greatly improve efficiency and user experience.

    Many of us who use Pipedrive spend a lot of time working with various applications where keyboard shortcuts are an invaluable tool to increase productivity. In today's age of digital work, these small but significant user interface enhancements are critical to a smooth and efficient workflow.

    I understand that there may be technical or strategic reasons why these changes can't be implemented immediately. However, I would ask that you take this feedback seriously and consider the needs of your users. Ultimately, such improvements could contribute greatly to overall user satisfaction and their loyalty to Pipedrive.

    Thank you for your work and I look forward to future enhancements.