No Ctrl-Enter???

Good evening everyone! I am so surprised that you still can't press ctrl-enter to save whatever screen you're on. Whether it's a new deal or an activity. You have to take your hands off the keyboard and go get the mouse, position it, and click. Every other software I use online accepts a ctrl-click and it saves me tons of time over the span of a week not having to take my hands off the keys over a thousand times. Pipedrive is the only hold out that doesn't have this. Anyone else feel the same?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Robert Dylina we have a team specifically looking at our UI/UX in Pipedrive and I'll pass this suggestion on to them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel Axelbaum
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    Yes more keyboard shortcuts would be extremely helpful.  Thank you.

  • Matt Lovett
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    This would be really useful.

  • ivov
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    Agreed, more keyboard shortcuts would be very useful. Have been using Superhuman for email for a while now. Going to Pipedrive almost feel like going back 10yrs in time..