Hello Pipedrivers! Question about the use of CRM software for B2B companies

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I am writing a report about how CRM softwares can enhance the performance/efficicency of B2B companies and about why a CRM software is useful especially for companies in the B2B Market. Does anyone have any information about this? Any comments, your own experience or links to access articles/data about this topic would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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    I've found pipedrive to be particularly useful because it allows me to easily organize the key  information for prospecting new accounts.

    The activities feature allows me to easily schedule follow up reminders and its simplified our process for handling information back and forth internally between sales people, estimators, and administrators. 

    There are two ways to look at a CRM:

    1. System or record & reporting
    2. System of action.

    Some CRM's fail at both. Other accel at one or the other. I have used CRM's that fail at both. it's no fun. Pipedrive does a good job at both so long as you take the time to figure out how it bests works for in in the action category. From a sales person perspective. Someone that does a lot of cold calling It better make my life easier on the action side. 

    For me using a crm is like using a nail gun vs a hammer. or a power say vs a hand saw. 

    Sales people that are not accustomed to using a crm are likely going to feel threatened as if they are being watched, or whatever and I can appreciate that. But if they approach it from the standpoint of how it can better help them track their efforts for their own benefit it's probably going to work out better for them. 

    Key for using pipedrive efficiently as a system of action is to define your customizable activities with action items that pertain to your sales process as specific possible. Proposal due, Site inspection, Phone prospecting, etc. 

    Just a quick response, hope it helps.

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    What a cool discussion you've started here @Anais Mischler ! Great way to mobilize the knowledge pool of your fellow community members here. 😎

    I've taken the liberty of tagging some additional relevant topics in your post so it can reach more people and I'm going to pin it to the community main feed for a few days. I'm curious about this.

    I'd also like to invite @Baptiste @Jan Visser and @Joseph Valenti to leave their thoughts here.


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    Hello @Anais Mischler ,

    I recently wrote an article giving 5 good reasons to use a CRM.

    sorry the article is written in French, but Google can help you :)

    Good luck with your report

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