Property cards in Pipedrive?! (Real Estate)

Nathan Verwoert_21162
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Hi Pipedrivers,

I received this pro-tip on the side. Now am I completely missing something here?! Where are the property cards at?

I only have organisations, people, deals and products?





  • Clea Gray Amat
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    Very good question! I'm following...we currently use products, but I think other people set up the properties as deals or organizations... 

  • Jameson
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    Did anyone ever get answers on here? I am a little surprised how many "Real Estate" CRM's don't have an option to track... well... Real Estate.

  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @Jameson -

    One of the reasons I love Pipedrive is because it’s really flexible, but it’s not always obvious what customizations are going to give you the results you need.

    What’s your Real Estate business? For example, if you’re an agent, I would recommend using a Pipeline to track Sellers you have under contract. Once the property is listed, you can convert it to a Project. You’ll want a different Pipeline to track potential Buyers and these Deals can all be linked to that Property Project (because you can link multiple deals to a single Project).

    I’ve worked directly with a number of different Real Estate firms to map their sales process and create a customized build. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss.

    - Liz

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  • Sophie
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    Hi there!

    To answer the initial question in this thread, there is no default item type for "properties," Typically users managing real estate will add their properties as deals in their account and track them through their Pipeline, although sometimes people will also use Organizations as well! You can check out this page on Real Estate in Pipedrive here. I hope this helps!

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    It seems several question are left unanswered about property tracking, yet, on the main website, there is a page dedicated to saying PD can be used to track property, contacts and organizations. @Liz (Ops Designed) I'm not sure if you are in real estate, but most property agents (residential listing agents, Commercial listing agents and acquisition's managers, all track property by and address, just as if it was a person's name. Most crms that only focus on a person or organization relationship, miss the point of tracking proeperty this way. So, since PD has that page and specifically says "properties", this is what is being asked and it seems, from other replies, that there is a growing concern that there are more questions than answers on this topic. Some of us are on trials and do not want to convert to a paid plan if this is difficult to get answered.