Deal Value Changes

It would be helpful to be able to compile a report that shows when the original value or price of a deal has been changed for my sales volume reports.  Many times, through negotiations and general changes, the originally entered pricing changes either up or down.  A report on these changes would be a great tool for determining the "actual" booked pricing vs. the originally charged pricing.  

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Frank D. Fish, Jr. 

    I'll pass on this suggestion to our team, thanks for sharing. For now if you have someone with dev skills in your team, they could use our API to pull out this information and create reports on it outside of Pipedrive.

  • Sales Perspect
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    How can I change the value of  deal or add one later in the process?



  • Daniel Chan_47475
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    I need this feature too.