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Hi - New PD user here.     

I  created my first automation whereby it triggers an email template to be be sent to a contact when a custom field value is changed to "Yay".     When I test it myself it works perfectly.

However, when our one other PD user (also an Admin) tests it, the automated email is sent, but the email message shows as the message being sent by me and not him.   (we are on our own synced email accounts)

We're on the Advanced Plan.  Screenshot of automation is attached.

any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks!


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    Hi @Jim Wagner 

    This is expected behaviour and has always worked this way, users need to set up their own automations if they want the email to go out from their own accounts. You can probably work around it with Zapier but our own automation depends on who sets up the automation itself. Hope it helps.

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