Bulk Transfer of Deal Ownership

Charlie Graham
Charlie Graham Member Posts: 2

Hello - Is it possible (or can you please make it possible :-) to do a bulk transfer of deal ownership?  

For example, I am taking over a sales territory.  The current owner of those deals is moving into another role/territory.  He has several deals and I would prefer to transfer them all at once to me if possible.


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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hey Charlie,


    You can do the bulk transfer of ownership in a list view.


    Create a list view that filters down to that specific sales territory. 


    Then on the page, select all the records, and a box will slide out on the right side.


    You can do this in bulk, all at once.

  • Brad Krause_13404
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    What Boris said, This is what you see:

  • Charlie Graham
    Charlie Graham Member Posts: 2
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    That worked very well. Thank you @Boris Tsibelman and @Brad Krause  

  • Jackson Smith
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    How do you undo this action? Is this possible?