Project Handoff Based on Product

Steven Tripp
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We're migrating over to Pipedrive and we can't figure out how to hand it off to our operations team after we make the sale. 

We have a certain set of tasks we need to complete to prepare the sale for operation, but the tasks change based on the product we sold. Does anyone have a fancy workaround? Workflow automations don't have access to Product info, so I can't really do anything.


  • Erik Christensen
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    You could setup things with Zapier and trigger workflows in Ultradox.

  • Brad Krause_13404
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    We do not use the products feature and I'm surprised to hear that workflow automations cannot be triggered based on products. 

    Some thoughts and work around suggestions:

    Add a custom deal details field that will define which preparation set the deal will require if sold. 

    Can you use the deal label type instead of creating a custom deal details field to distinguish which preparation channel it will require?

    Are the preparations channels specific to pipedrive users in your organization? If so, assigning an activity to that specific person would get it into the channel you require for prep.

    Can you create a specific activity type that will direct it to the channel you need for prep?


    Hope that gives you some ideas. 

  • Matthew Negron
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    Do you use a specific project management software? 

    If so, perhaps you can use Zapier to create an automation and create a project checklist. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Steven Tripp 

    There are indeed workarounds with workflow automation and creating separate pipelines for your project management as well as plugging in third party solutions for project management into Pipedrive.

    However, we're working on a new initiative in the project area and I'd be happy to do a call with you to understand your use case so we can in the future better suit your needs. If you feel like it then reach out to please :)