Flawed Insight Reports for Exporting

Jamie Cochill
Jamie Cochill Member Posts: 2
edited July 2022 in Sales CRM #1

Feedback:    I am trying to pull a report of all deals won in a particular month to export line by line.   This should be an easy report to export, but now with your new navigation version, you can only export by clicking on a graph chart..   So in this case, you can only click one segment of the graph, allowing only that portion of the data to download.  I need to be able to click the entire graph to get a full list of deals won to export.  Better yet, when it populates the list view of all deal, just add a feature to export the list.  This is extremely important.  Not being able to export a list of line items in insights is a huge flaw / miss.  Please contact me for more explanation.