It takes time to optimize. But the journey is fun.

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Ok, so when you are dealing with other humans that you need to force change on it's a little less fun. 

We tried using different pipelines for different divisions. Landscape, Maintenance, Snow. That isn't great when people are selling across those divisions. A consolidated view of all your deals is best for the salesperson. Instead we made the deal label the divisions. That's perfect. 

For the person label we currently have: Active client, Networking, Vendor, Recruiting. Recruiting may go away but that's currently for contacts that have sources of labor. I've been helping with creating those relationships. I like using this person label for the 'outliers'. The ones that make up the smaller percentage compared to your total database. Don't mess around with having to maintain the label on a large amount of records. 

Organization label: Zebra 

Just one label for what we determine is our ideal client target. No messing around with a bunch of different categories just because you can. Keep it simple. 


Enjoy the journey of continual improvement!