How do you keep track with one calendar on the activities page of Pipedrive?

Alexander Florian Kayales
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Hi, I'm trying out Pipedrive right now and was wondering how you guys get organized with the calendar. Currently, I do this with my 15 iCloud calendars via iCal. With export and import, I can also switch to google, but I understand Pipedrive only syncs one calendar. How do you keep track with one calendar on the activities page of Pipedrive? Looking forward to some advice.



  • Brad Krause_13404
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    The activities list view is my primary workspace. The only time I reference a calendar view is when I’m looking to make sure I have time open or if others in our organization have availability. 

    Pipedrive is synced with outlook (office365). I have  iCal on my computer and phone synced with outlook. If I have personal stuff I don’t want in my work outlook calendars  I just put it in my personal iCal iCloud account. I wouldn’t want that personal stuff to show in Pipedrive activities. That’s for work/sales focused stuff for me.  

  • Alexander Florian Kayales
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    @Brad Krause thank you for your quick reply. I am self-employed and I mix private and business meetings. Sometimes I meet with friends and they want to discuss business :-)

    And I don't have a specific working time. Sometimes I work in the morning, then go jogging and then meet friends. In between and afterward I work again. So that I don't mix up my meetings with friends with business appointments I like to keep track. For this, I would use a suitable CRM such as Pipedrive.