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Sandy Rich
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hi, it would be great if contacts and/or deals could be linked to multiple organizations. i have run into several scenarios where this would be very helpful. we have to reach out to various community groups to provide updates on cell towers that we are developing in their areas. often these folks straddle two different communities or have organizations that need to be preserved (e.g. a member of the local government). having these folks appear in multiple org contacts lists would make it easier to conduct organization-specific reach-out. 

thanks, hope everyone is safe and healthy.


  • Harald Steindl
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    Hello Sandy,
    You can link a contact to more than one organization, although one must be his/her primary organization.

    Simply add a custom field of the type Organization to the Contact entity and call it "secondary org" of something. 
    Now you can link a contact to a second org. Repeat if you need to link to more than two organizations.
    It is not perfect, but works; at least good enough for us.

  • Matěj Kříž
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    Hey, everybody. You've hit a sore spot on Pipedrive. Such a simple thing, and so useful. It solves so many things:

    • people changing jobs
    • working at multiple companies
    • working in a structure (e.g. university > faculty > institute) 
    • etc etc.

    This could all be solved by "One person in multiple organisations" support. Pipedrive knows full well that people have been asking and requesting this feature for years. But apparently it's too much work for them, so they've ignored these requests for years.