differentiate deals in the prospection column

Ricardo Alviso
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Hi, i really want my team to differentiate whenever they see this column, the deals in the forecast mode.

how can the deals be different between them? i would like to see them whenever they are hot, regular or cold dealds



  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Well the forcast view is really about dates. Mostly closing date but any date field you create in the deal can be applied in the forecast view. 




    Using the deal label field as hot, regular, or cold can give a good quick reference by color in the pipeline view because in that view it adds a dash of color to the deal tile. 


    If you are individually applying probabilities to each deal then you could create filters for ranges of those probabilities and the sales people could apply those filters in this forcast view. 













  • Mike van der Valk
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    Just tagging @Ricardo Alviso here so he sees the answer up here :)