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I'm using PipeDrive Pro.

I want to create the following report:


I've contacted 92 companies in 01/21.


I have a first Multiple Choice custom field for Organisations called "Campaign". All 92 companies phoned in 01/21 have the value "01/21" in their "Campaign" field.


I have a second Multiple Choice custom field for Organisations called "Interested in our product?" with values such as "Unknown", "No", "Already won by the competition" and "Yes".


I want to create a report that filters all Organisations:

- whose "Campaign" field == "01/21";

- and then a breakdown of the values for the "Interested in our product?" field.


Problem: when creating a new Report, I can filter by Activities, Deals, or Forecasted revenues & Subscriptions. How do I pick "Organisations" and apply filters on their fields? Thanks.



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    This is a huge pain point that we'd love to have fixed. We have lots of information on Organisations that we need to be able to report on. Things like Current Subscription End Dates, Customer Cancellation Dates, Industry, Location and others that do not relate to Deals.

    I've tried to getting around this by using a workflow to replicate the data on deals, but you can't update all deals in an Organisation either.

    Please fix!


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    @Roadmap Tech  can you please at least let us know if/when it is planned to be fixed? Thanks.

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    this should be fixed, as the request was 9 month ago. Why can we not make reports starting with Organisations or Contacts... this would be fundamental for insights, not only Deals, Activities or Forecasts..come on guys, this is really not a science to the we pay every month a fee, we would expect some more basic functions. Thanks