Is Pipedrive compatible with Google Advanced Protection

Robbie Lockie
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We recently installed Google Advanced Protection on our accounts. And we were no longer able to sync with Pipedrive. Is this incompatible?


  • Robbie Lockie
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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Robbie Lockie 

    I've actually never seen this question before on our community... sorry but I have to suggest to reach out to our support team via the chat or email on this so they will be able to provide you with any insights.

  • Wojciech Staniszewski
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    Same problem. Please try if you can be safe enough for google adv protection. 



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  • Jason Kennemer
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    Any word on this? We use it in our organization.

  • kakpindi
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    We had this same issue we resolved it by going to

    Apps - Marketplace apps - Apps list and whitelisting the app here then

    Security - API controls - App Access control and add the application Pipedrive to the Trusted list. It took a few hours to take effect but it works now.