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István Lengyel
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We migrated from another CRM, Close, where we first manually had to enter a lead's email address, and then the email syncing kicked in. I loved the fact that I could work in my normal mail client, wherever I was, and did not have to worry that many of my unwanted emails get synced to the CRM.

It would be amazing to have an email syncing option where only the emails that correspond to contacts or leads are imported into Pipedrive. If the majority of what you do is not sales, but you need to be in sales conversations too, this is the best thing, as I use Pipedrive mostly for reminders and for checking reports, not as my main system.

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  • Heinrich Taitl
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    i will support this requirement. we use selective sync (labels) but it is annoying to add the label manually.

  • Vanessa Warheit_60481
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    OMG yes. It is driving me nuts that EVERYTHING is getting synced into Pipedrive -- basically makes it impossible to just use gmail now