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Steve Jay
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We have a security question whilst sending email from outlook internally which may be of a personnel sensitive nature, such as disciplinary etc, of which those members of our staff as registered users of Pipedrive (PD) that means other members of our staff who are registered users of PD could view those email by accident or on purpose. 

I have loaded our company and all staff into PD with emails, registered users have and are syncing okay, non registered users of staff, who may be Cc'd on an email from outlook in relation to a 'deal'project' which we all need to see so we know what is happening and history, if a non registered user responds on that email thread it will appear in PD, so that's good.

My question is how can we secure any private/confidential email from outlook internally of a sensitive nature, that is not onerous. So far PD help centre has suggested the following;

  1. Set all registered users on Pipedrive (PD) emails as 'private',  when sending non sensitive email change to 'share'.
  2. Set all PD emails as 'share' and when sending/responding to sensitive emails change to 'private'

The problem with the above, is its onerous .

  1. I could delete our company as an organization and all its people/staff details and emails, but someone could open a new contact, add the persons email, save and refresh PD and view all emails then delete.
  2. Have a folder in outlook not mapped to PD, but very complicated.
  3. Set options in outlook for default or new emails as 'private or confidential or highly confidential' but doesn't stop then going into PD.

So can anyone suggest an option/s as we cannot be the only company that has this concern and hopefully it not me being a bit dumb.



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Steve Jay 

    I hope I understand you right but when I look at it, it's okay that all emails come into Pipedrive and okay if everyone has access to the organization and contacts in Pipedrive. However, not everyone can see the emails.

    In this case you can still best follow the suggestion from the support article. Those emails that can't be shared have to be set to "private". This way only when it's in your own inbox you can see it and nobody else will be able to.

  • Dave Bailey
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    I also have this issue. I have emails I do not want to be important to Pidedrive. You can select folders you want... but not folders you don't want, so it requires a lot of manual work to unselect, or select, versus just using the more flexible labelling system in Gmail.