Labellcall (app which identify your customers)

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Hey everyone

Me and my friends created Labelcall app to identify a caller person that is connected with Pipedrive database. In simple words when someone calls you mobile app (Android only) shows you information stored in your Pipedrive

I would like to ask you what information would be crucial for you as active users

I will be grateful if you have moments to indicate which data is the most important in your work during customer service

We don't actively use Pipedrive ourselves, so your knowledge is very important to us. We are here to save you time. Can we count on your support? Any feedback will be appreciated :)

We've started with these ones:

  1. Customer name and surname
  2. Pipeline and stage of deal
  3. Deal value
  4. Organization name
  5. Customer tag
  6. Private note
  7. Contact label
  8. Deal label