E-Commerce Software for Pipedrive and (WordPress and/or Mailchimp)

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Hello. This is my first question in the community. I have not done much research yet,  so maybe some of you can offer up some input. 

I would like to begin offering up digital services as purchasable items in an online store. I need to decide the role that Pipedrive will play, and which e-commerce solution to go with. 

I use WordPress, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Pipedrive. Integration with Quickbooks is not a requirement, but Mailchimp does offer up some showcasing and automation capabilities that are pretty slick, so I like the idea of utilizing Mailchimp, as well. 

It might be best to use Mailchimp Landing Pages for the store as opposed to the WP sites. I just cringe at the idea of keeping Mailchimp and Pipedrive in sync when adding an e-commerce layer. Hard enough already without that complexity.

Appreciate any input you might have. Thanks.


  • Phil Sullivan
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    For me I prefer keeping the website together, so since you are using WordPress currently I think Woo-Commerce makes sense. That is a free plugin and it can handle all the e-Commerce stuff. The other benefit there is if you have everything setup on your site now SEO wise, you don't have to worry as much trying to get traffic to new Mail Chimp pages.

    There is a premium plugin that completely syncs Woo-Commerce and Quick Books. I don't remember the name off the top of my head, but I can find it if you are interested.

    I like MailChimp on the Marketing side but in my opinion all of that is best if it drives people to your Woo-Commerce shop.  You can still do all the Marketing automation you want in Mail Chimp, when they become a customer then you let Woo-Commerce and QuickBooks sync up.

    Pipedrive can be integrated in there as well. We use it with Asana, when a deal is won Asana kicks off new standard tasks.

    Hopefully some of this helps.  :)  Happy to discuss further if you need help.

  • Katie Walters_28954
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    Hey Ryan - if you do go the Mailchimp route, you may want to look into Sync with Sales by Target Robot which is a more robust version of Pipedrive's Mailchimp integration tool.

    View all marketing activity from Mailchimp inside Pipedrive.

    • Convert Mailchimp subscribers into leads in Pipedrive, with full visibility of all marketing activities.
    • Target your most engaged users⁠–⁠faster.
    • Search and filter by campaign results.
    • Turn your cold leads into warm leads.
    • Set up custom fields in Mailchimp (like purchases) and sync that back into Pipedrive.

    Likewise, you can bring over all contact, company and deals information from Pipedrive into Mailchimp. This allows you to have custom fields and tags right there in Mailchimp based upon your sales pipeline.

    Let me know if you have any questions!


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    @Ryan Gerardi just tagging you here to make sure you see the answers of @Katie Walters and @Phil Sullivan 

  • Ryan Gerardi
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    Thanks @Mike van der Valk  I did not see these responses until just now. 

    @Phil Sullivan - Woo commerce does seems most recommended.  I will probably go this direction. Appreciate your input about Mailchimp.

    @Katie Walters that's a great suggestion, I will look into that integration today. I use Zapier to keep Mailchimp and Pipedrive in synch but there is no two-way integration, not without a lot of configuration.