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Bernd Auer
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It would be very usefull if you are able to copy email templates. Very often you would use a structure like: 

Subject: Quotation for [company name],

Hi [first name],

Thank you for your interest in [product]. Please find the spedifications attached.

Best Regards
[sender name]

Sometimes, the emails are much more complexe. If you have many products you have to recreate them from the scratch. So beeing able to simpy copy and and exchange the title and (in this example the attachement) would save a lot of time.


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Bernd Auer 

    Perhaps it's because it's late but I'm not fully understanding. You can already just use the template. The title also has fields that can change depending on the contact/org.

    And then you would just need to exchange the attachment. 

  • Jakob Kocur
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    I would need this as well.

  • Zak Gottlieb
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    Also want this, so I can make edits to create a new template easily. Copy/pasting misses out merge fields, inline images and other important things. @Mike van der Valk does it make sense now?