How do you use Pipedrive for cold outreach?

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Hi SDRs, BDRs, Inside Sales Reps, and Inside Sales leaders, how are you and your team using Pipedrive to keep cold outreach cadences, track metrics, and book meetings? Trying to maximize our time and cut out manual work so that we can focus on selling. Any tips or settings I should know about?


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    For your use-case, what you need is a dedicated sales engagement platform. Since you are using Pipedrive, Klenty is the best option for cold outreach, track metrics and generate 3X Meetings. You can position your message based on prospects' engagement and all this can be automated. This will cut down your manual work significantly and focus on selling.

    You can signup for a free trial here

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    Canvass 1.0 

    Before covid hit I did a lot of canvassing to businesses in industrial parks and business parks inquiring who I may talk to and getting business cards for those people. I was very often able to get an understanding of who I needed to speak with. 

    I would create a record in pendrive and a completed activity called 'Canvass' formerly 'route prospecting'

    Then I would create a follow-up activity to call the contact. Then continue to work it from there. They are essentially now in an ongoing rotation. 

    Canvass 1.1

    I add a canvass activity to various places I want to visit seeking opportunities which usually included be dropping off  coffee cup with candy, pens, paper pad, wildflower seeds, etc. as small gifts. People I know we want to work with. With the aim of being invited to bid. 

    Call and email 1.0

    search the websites of target clients for contact info of people that can use our services. Add them into pipedrive and call and email them. usually leaving a voicemail and an immediate email follow-up will get a response.

    Call and email 1.1

    In the evening I will scroll through the pipedrive database looking for opportunities and I will just make a call or email activity. I don't worry about the date, I just make it for that day.

    My activities list often a sea of red filled with cold opportunities to contact. I just worth through them daily. Calls and emails.

    I keep a large red list of opportunities in my activities list of people to contact.

    Call and email 1.2

    Will import a list of target contacts for a trade association or whatnot with a field identifying that they are associated with that association. Will apply the filter and focus on calling that group, vertical, or whatever it is. 

    Want a way to generate people to contact, make it a point to clean up your database. While cleaning up all poorly entered data just start creating activities to call, email, or canvass contacts as you are doing that data housekeeping. Don't try to schedule those activities for the future, just create the activity for that day and start working the red sea activities list.





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    Hi Will and Brad, yes this is quite the dilemma. Noel, your platform works great and remember trying it out for calling out. The goal is to use everything in PD with workflow automation. Have a cadence automatically creating calls and emails for BDR's based on our metrics. I'm in the beginning phases of this and starting to use the beta version of WA and looking great 

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    Hey Michael,

    I noticed you were on a base plan earlier. We have many features like Triggers and actions, Playbooks etc. which completely automates your workflow allowing you to position your message based on prospects engagement.

    Also we have graduated from an "email only Platform" to "Multi Channel Sales engagement Platform".

    Let me know if I can help you with the free trial again.


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    What I am coming to believe about cold outreach with pipedrive is that something very useful is missing. It could be that it needs a card type view for organizations. Maybe 4 wide that shows a summary of recent activities completed. The cards would over time take on their own personality and be a great visual clue about the 'suspect'. They should be allowed in some way to very in their length based on activity had with them, but obviously be limited, probably to the number of activities. 

    It's possible to see the activities completed in the table view but it just isn't a great view of the work. 


  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Maybe what I'm thinking is that targets, or suspects, people that we want to reach out to cold should have a place to be organized i n Kanban or scrum type format. I think that's what I am getting at when I say card view.

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    thank you Noel, but i prefer to work out of PD for calls/emails etc.

    Brad i believe this exists already within PD and you should connect with support to help you. Bt the WA is for workflow automation